Adhesive USB Pockets

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These self-adhesive, plastic USB pockets are used to store and protect your USB’s. The reverse of the plastic pocket is self-adhesive which you fasten to your desired location and a small adhesive strip on the front of the pocket allows you to close and seal the flap of the pocket so your USB is held securely in place. Our customers use these pockets for their documents, tenders and magazines.


Technical specification:

  • Size: 52mm width / 90mm height
  • Adhesive type: permanent
  • Material type: polypropylene
  • Colour: transparent (100% clear)
  • Recyclable friendly: yes
  • Static properties: low (won't stick together)
  • Quality standard: very high (won't curl, discolour or adopt an "orange peel" effect)


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Diskette / Zip pocket with flap 105 x 105mm 6937
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