Standard Fitting Paper Drill Bits

Standard Fitting Paper Drill Bits

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Standard fitting drill bits suitable for the majority of paper drilling machines including Babs, Citoborma, Foelmar, NFPE, Frewa, Kobold, Hang, Pesha, Uchida, Concorde, Stago-Zellar, Venus, Iram and Oslo paper drills. 50mm cutting depth except 3mm and 4mm sizes which are a 30mm cutting depth. 

If you are unsure which drillbit to choose for your machine please give us a call, we will be able to help. 

Available as standard uncoated drill bits or teflon coated to reduce sticking, clogging and overheating. 

See also our tungsten coated paper drill bits here for a longer lasting and tougher drill bit.