Sam Browne Studs

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Sam Browne studs are a traditional method of making a closer on a book, folder, bag, box or other project. They are a small metal mushroom shaped stud with a screw at the base to fix the stud to a card or leather base.

Also known as a mushroom stud, this is a specialist binding and leather work fixing for a making a smart and simple closure.

A common way that Sam Brown studs are used is for card bound books or presentation folders, where the stud is screwed to the front cover through a punched or drilled 3-4mm hole. An elastic loop or tag can then come across from the back of the book or folder and slip over the stud to create the closing.

For leather work the stud is screwed to the leather then a slightly larger hole or a keyhole (small hole plus slit) can be punched in a strap that comes across (or an oversized back cover) and this will simply pop over the stud and complete the closing. 

Traditionally Sam Browne studs were used for the belt studs on military uniforms.

More Information

  • Stocked in nickel or brass finishes, in packs of 100 or 1000.
  • In stock for fast delivery
  • Size of hole to be punched in material for screw: 3mm (5mm max) 
  • Size of top head stud (diameter): 6mm
  • Individual screw weight: 2.2g
  • Stud height from board/leather: 10mm
  • Maximum board/base material thickness: 5mm
  • Solid metal construction
  • Smart, simple, stylish but with a traditional touch!

Also known as:

  • Mushroom studs
  • Military belt fitting
  • Belt stud
  • Sam Brown stud

What our customers say about this product:

Our customer Boss Print used nickel Sam Browne studs from us recently to create the catches and handles on a small presentation box set of drawers, another creative use for these studs!

Another customer, Print By Design, uses brass Sam Browne studs to form the spine binding method on a hinged cover for an A4 landscape booklet of single pages – the uses are endless!

Typically used with:

  • Leatherwork bindings, purses, bags or belts
  • Diary or manual closure fixing
  • Storage or presentation cardboard boxes for elastic and stud fastening
  • Presentation folders for elastic and stud fastening
  • Use with T end elastic to create a fastening loop

Additional information

  • Base radius: 9mm
  • Barrel radius: 77mm
  • Capacity: 4mm
  • Screw length: 9mm
  • Metal type: Steel screws with a brass or nickel plating 
  • Tools required: flat head scredriver, hole punch