Meet the team

Meet the team

Get to know us all. We are an enthusiastic and dedicated team of persons at Presco, always eager to talk to you, learn more about your business and how we can help you. Meet some of the key team members behind our great service:

TimTim Painter at Presco LinkedIn Profile

Part of the Presco team since 1984

Tim was a founder of Presco with his father, back when it all started in 1984. With over 30 years in the print and finishing industry he has an in-depth understanding of our markets and experience in the companies, products and services we offer. He continues to lead our marketing projects at Presco and look for new opportunities for Presco to develop.

RobinPresco LinkedIn Profile

Part of the Presco team since 1997

Robin is the sales director at Presco and spends his time talking to and meeting with our customers and persons we would love to be customers. He gives us all feedback about customers’ needs, changes and keeps an eye open for new products that would help you. 

ChrisPresco LinkedIn Profile

Part of the Presco team since 2000

Chris is our commercial director at Presco, based in Dublin, Ireland. Since starting Presco Europe in 2000 he has integrated closer with Presco UK and Chris has now extended Presco into Europe with the creation of Presco France in early 2014.

BenPresco LinkedIn Profile

Part of the Presco team since 2003

Ben is our trusted and dedicated head of customer service at Presco, responsible for maintaining our high levels of customer satisfaction. He has been at Presco for over 10 years and worked in many areas of the company, bringing understanding and experience to our customer team. If you have any question or problem Ben will always make sure that it is sorted completely for you.


Part of the Presco team since 2007

James is our head of accounts and looks after account credit control and payments in. Here since 2007, James headed up our customer service team for a while and you may know him from this time at Presco.


Part of the Presco team since 2007

Steve works in our warehouse and repackaging department, helping with goods in and samples picking and makes a very friendly and helpful character within the Presco team.


Part of the Presco team since 2007

A member of the Presco team since 2007, Matthew has worked in sales and marketing and believes in constant innovation to help our customers. He leads the company as Managing Director since 2016 as we continue to find new products, innovations and solutions for you.


Part of the Presco team since 2009

Jonas is the link between our office customer and sales teams and our operations departments. He works closely with our warehouse, purchasing and goods-in teams to ensure sufficient stock levels and the development of new products.


Part of the Presco team since 2009

Tony runs our despatch operations in our central Swindon warehouse and checks that all your orders are correct, picked, packed and despatched on time.


Part of the Presco team since 2014

Claire is an enthusiastic customer champion – fearless in making sure that Presco lives up to its customer service promises. She will be happy to sort out any enquiry, quotation or problem quickly and professionally. As a happy and friendly member of our customer service team, you’re in luck if Claire answers the next time you call Presco.


Part of the Presco team since 2015

Phoebe has recently joined the Presco team in 2015 and is already a busy part of our customer services and sales team, sharing some marketing and ecommerce responsibilities with Jess.